1. Burma

  2. South Island, New Zealand


  3. In the last decade only 5 Canadians have been arrested for child sex tourism abroad.  It’s a dismal number that puts Canada’s record far behind the United States, Great Britain and Australia.  Mimi Wells and Yvan Cote went to Cambodia to find out why.


  4. By Mimi Wells

    They came carrying cases of frozen meat, downloaded episodes of their favorite TV shows, baby wipes and enough firepower to light up the surrounding mountains for three days. First Platoon, Charlie Company would be spending the next week protecting the only road in Kunar Province from inside of Checkpoint 2.5; a cramped, heavily fortified American outpost.


  5. ASADABAD, Afghanistan — American and Afghan troops have killed at least 115 insurgents as part of a tough fight to gain control of a critical corridor and resupply route to a key American base in northeastern Afghanistan, according to Afghan and American military officers.


  6. By Mimi Wells

    VAN, Turkey — The once busy sidewalks of this city in eastern Turkey have morphed into a desolate maze of partly collapsed buildings, broken glass and windows hanging dangerously askew.

  7. In Quebec City, Canadians make the most out of winter’s freezing temperatures. (for Agence France Presse)

  8. During the Montreal portion of the Grand Prix, students protesting a proposed tuition hike clash with police.

  9. In Myanmar the military junta may be making steps towards democracy, but in the capital city kids doubt that their lives will improve.

  10. Kunar Province - AFGHANISTAN

  11. Kunar Province — AFGHANISTAN

  12. Kunar Province — AFGHANISTAN

  13. Kunar Province — AFGHANISTAN

  14. Kunar Province — AFGHANISTAN

  15. Montreal — QUEBEC